What should I expect when I visit the Ombuds Office?

All meetings are scheduled for an hour or hour and a half, whether you end up requiring the full amount of time or not. The Ombuds will spend a brief amount of time explaining their role then you are free to talk about your presenting concern(s). The Ombuds will:

  • provide a comfortable, confidential environment to air your problems, concerns or complaints;
  • listen to your problem, concern or complaint;
  • explore options for resolving your problem, concern or complaint;
  • assist in the review of questions you have regarding a policy or procedure.

You do not need to bring anything, but if you have documents (email exchanges, course documents, letters of discipline, performance evaluations, etc.) that you think are pertinent to your concern, you are welcome to bring them. We will return those documents back to you at the end of the meeting since the Ombuds Office does not keep records. When, or whether, you return to the office is entirely up to you.